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  • Can I cancel my reservation?
    Reservations may only be canceled within 24 hours of making the online reservation. After 24 hours, there is NO refund. The amount paid can be used for different dates within the same calendar year through December 31st of that same year. NO refunds for returning carts early. NO refunds for canceled vacations or early departures. NO refunds for no accessible outlet for charging. No shows are not-refundable. Refunds are provided during rainy weather.
  • How many people does the cart hold?
    There are 4 passenger and 6 passenger carts. Overloading is not permitted. Please note: No alcohol (open or closed), smoking, underage driving or reckless driving.
  • How long can I rent a cart?
    2 hours is great if you are interested in getting familiar with the area and grabbing a quick bite. 4 hours allows more time to sightsee, go to the beach and drive along PCH to Oceanside. Full Day rentals provides the greatest amount of time to go to the beach, explore both Oceanside and Carlsbad plus enjoy some great local food and tour spots.
  • Who can drive the cart?
    The cart can only be driven by registered drivers 21 years of age or older and must provide proof of their driver license and auto insurance.
  • How long can golf carts and Ebikes be rented for?
    Both carts and Ebikes can be rented hourly, full day or multi-day rentals. Discounts provided on all multi-day rentals. There is a 2 hour minimum required on all rentals.
  • Where can I drive the golf carts?
    They can be driven on public streets with 35 MPH or slower between Carlsbad and even to Oceanside Pier or Oceanside Harbor (4.5 miles each way). In California, these are low speed vehicles and street legal with headlights and seat belts.
  • Can I reserve a cart?
    Yes, reservations can be made on line or by telephone 760-994-0760. All reservations are for a minimum of two hours.
  • Where can I use a golf cart rental or electric bike?
    Please reference the Beach Vibe Rentals & Sales LLC MAP for zones. The beige color area is for golf cart & e-bike use. The purple area is restricted to e-bikes only. Golf carts are not allowed past Cannon Park due to speed limit increasing to 50MPH. The map provided indicates other roads that can be accessed and those that are closed to traffic. Golf carts cannot be driven on any roads over 35 miles per hour.
  • Where can Ebikes travel?
    You can ride and explore Downtown Carlsbad, Oceanside Harbor (4.5 miles) or Encinitas (11 miles). We will provide you the best places to explore at each city. Most of our Ebikes include both peddles assist and throttle and a range of 50+ miles when using peddle assist. Using the throttle will greatly limit the range of the ebike.
  • Can I return my cart early?
    Carts can be returned early, however no refunds or credit will be given for any unused time.
  • Are golf carts easy to drive?
    Yes, golf carts are very easy and come with standard brakes and turn signals. Drivers and passengers must adhere to all California motor vehicle laws.
  • What happens if I go over my time?
    Late fees will apply for either E-bike or Cart rentals. To ensure all customers can enjoy our E-bikes and Golf carts, please return on time or the next customers will be impacted. Late returns will result in customers being charged for the next advertised portion of time advertised.
  • Can you deliver carts or Ebikes?
    Possibly. Some restrictions may apply. Deliveries only available on full day and multi-day rentals. Delivery of ebikes and carts within local Oceanside and Carlsbad areas requires 24 hour notice. Deliveries outside the local areas require greater coordination and will incur a delivery fee based on location. Please call (760) 994-0760 for more details.

**Please note: No refunds available for rentals that exceed available mileage on carts or bikes before their rental term is completed.

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